About Photo Corfu

Our love for Corfu island has led us to create Photo Corfu. Here you can find a selection of the finest photography that represents and shows the true beauty of Corfu Island.

All of the photographs that you view on this website are taken by some of the best photographers in Corfu and a few others!

We hope that by viewing this wonderful collection of photographs, you had the chance to enjoy the beauties of the island, captured from different points of views. We believe photography to be very powerful, because we can place ourselves into the perspective of those we see in an image. This can cause us feel a roller coaster of emotions, which can be fascinating.

If you are interested in any particular photograph, photographer or if in general, you would like to get in touch please do not hesitate to contact us. Information about all the photographers that have contributed and have made all of this possible can be found below:

Spiros Atsalis
Bill Metallinos
Giannis Gasteratos
Giwrgos Katehis
Giannis Mazis
Ilias Diakoumakos
  • Facebook: Ilias Diakoumakos
  • Latest Photograph: Palm Sunday at Corfu.
  • Sales manager at Χ. Αλεξάνδρου & ΣΙΑ ΕΕ Studied photography at Newspress School of Photography, Athens, Greece Technical editor at ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΟΣ magazine Hobbies: Photography, Airplanes, Dance
Irene Anthi
Julia Ashleigh
Maria Victoria Douka
Nikos Giohalas
Nikos Grigoropoulos
    Spiros Poulimenos
    Theodoros Fakiolas
    Vasilis Doukakis
    Vlasis Tsonos
    Zisimos Papathemistokleous